Product applications

This is a question we are frequently asked when dosing chemicals in parts per million (ppm). In an attempt to help our readers we have provided the following.  Calculation assumes SG is 1:1 100ppm = 100mg/L = 0.1L/m3 500ppm = 500mg/L = 0.5L/m3 1000ppm = 1000mg/L = 1L/m3  

Which one to choose? With winter upon us, we thought we would try to shed some light on the options available for antifreeze agents.  When we think of antifreeze agents for closed systems we generally associate these with Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) or Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG).  MEG for use in non food contact and MPG for use in incidental […]

It is important to complete a thorough survey of a closed system. You will need to know the volume (or at least a good approximation), the metallurgy, any known problems eg: leaks, corrosion, scale etc. Usually a closed system will be one of the following – LTHW (low temperature hot water), HTHW (high temperature hot water) or some sort of […]