New! Fully automated solid alternating non-oxidising biocide program

Using two REACH and BPR compliant chemistries we are now pleased to be able to offer a fully automated alternating non-oxidising biocide regime for solid chemicals! Formulated solid products have been in use for a number of years with great success in cooling towers and evaporative condensers. However, solid biocides have so far been limited to oxidising biocide technologies either used with a halogen assistor or secondary biocide such as DBNPA. Until recently it has not been possible to operate a fully automated alternating non-oxidising biocide program using solid chemical dissolvers and controllers. However, this has now changed!

QSOL BIO DBNPA is a jar based DBNPA biocide with proven efficacy against legionella and general bacteria in open cooling systems. QSOL BIO NOX is a new solid jar based non oxidising biocide/algaecide which when used in conjunction with QSOL BIO DBNPA allows the treatment of cooling systems using a truly automated biocide regime.  When a high performance scale and corrosion inhibitor is incorporated, this allows a totally solid product program for cooling system treatment using BIO DBNPA & BIO NOX.

QSOL BIO NOX is also available in stick form for remedial dosing of cooling systems and process systems.

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