Product Portfolio

Chemiteq Limited is keen to play its part to reduce the environmental impact of our business. Part of our liquids product range has been developed to give lower dose rates, resulting in less packaging on site and saving on transportation.

We also have our range of QSOL concentrated solid products which are supplied in small packages and negate the need for chemical kegs/drums on site.  There is also a cost saving on transportation.  Details of our products can be found on the Products tab.

Drum Recycling

We offer a drum recycling service for our customers in the UK. Kegs/drums/IBC’s supplied by us can be collected from site which are then recycled or reused.  Kegs/drums/IBC’s are fully tested prior to being put back into service.

We can also offer a “waste to energy” option where chemical kegs can be placed into specialist waste bins, which after processing are converted into energy.

For further details of our recycling schemes, please contact us.

The Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011

Chemiteq is registered with the Environment Agency as a lower tier waste carrier under the above regulations;, registration number CBDL26993.  This enables us to collect empty containers from site which have been supplied by Chemiteq.  Under our duty of care, a paperwork trail is kept for all containers collected.