What is Elysator?

It is a range of products designed to produce technical water in industrial and domestic systems which does not requires the addition of chemicals. In today’s market the environmental footprint of Elysator units is becoming more important when considering business Environmental Policies and H&S requirements. There are no chemicals and no COSHH data related to Elysator. No power supply is required.

Elysator units are extremely scalable and can be applied to all systems from domestic through to heavy industrial. The units are suitable for both heating and cooling systems and are designed to clean up the water, prevent bacteria and corrosion and protect the assets.

Cleaning Established Systems or Protecting New Systems

Our system cleaners have a recommended dose rate. This is proven to work in the majority of cases. However if the system is particularly dirty, more product may be required or multiple cleans may be needed. Please see separate data sheets for further information.


Elysator will clean up existing systems which are contaminated with dirty water and iron oxide sludge and can help correct the balance without the need for harsh chemicals.


Due to the technology within the units, the environment created prevents corrosion and bacteria.


Clean water will help to keep your critical equipment running at its optimum level and protect your assets.

How does it do this?

Using sacrificial magnesium anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, the Elysator addresses both the symptoms and root cause of corrosion with recirculating heating and cooling systems. An environment is created whereby corrosion does not occur and bacteria cannot survive.

If you get these objectives right, all of the other conditions of the water such as iron, copper and bacteria will fall to acceptable levels.

The VDI 2035 Part 2 directive applies to DHW heating systems as per EN 12828 and provides information on reducing the probability of corrosion on the heating water side.

VDI 2035

Working to VDI 2035, Part 2 standards the following system parameters are achieved:

Conductivity < 100 μS/cm

Dissolved oxygen < 0.1 mg/l

pH 8.2-10

Heating system warranty

Most manufacturers link their warranty for the components to the observance of water quality.

Elysator units are suitable for small to heavy industrial systems.

Trio units are suitable for small systems

Sorbox units are suitable for domestic systems


PUROTAP is a range of system filling devices used in conjunction with Elysator units. It filters lime and aggressive dissolved substances such as sulphate, nitrate and chloride from the system top-up water.

Water that has been desalinated by Purotap contains virtually no substances that can settle out and be deposited in the boiler or heat exchanger. The device operates on a mixed bed resin and provides demineralised water to the system which has been completed desalinated.

The quality and composition of the ion exchange resin used for full desalination can have a major influence on whether a heating system is subject to corrosion from the start.

When filling the heating system, only the electrical conductivity is checked, which means that is it not apparent whether correct full desalination has taken place. Partial desalination leads to the formation of carbon dioxide.

Elysator checks the production and mixing of its resin with every batch, ensuring full desalination of the water. Purotap quality resin is tested, certified and vacuum packed.

Purotap Compenso

Purotap Compenso units are used for demineralisation of top-up water in larger heating and cooling systems. The units have an integrated meter and no power connection is required. The units are suitable for mounting downstream from an automatic refilling system.


For use in the domestic market

SorbOx units provide all-round protection to domestic heating systems removing limescale, rust and gases from heating water. The installation of a SorbOx unit will keep the heating water constantly at the right level, leading to lower operating costs and higher energy efficiency.

SorbOx benefits

Demineralisation of the heating water, preventing limescale build-up

Micro gas bubble separator removes oxygen and gases from the circulating water

Anode protection ensures optimum heat transfer

Magnetic flow filter removes sludge and rust particles

Main applications

Heat pump systems

Heat recovery

Heating systems with solar backup

Condensing boilers

Underfloor, wall and ceiling heating systems